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Edited by Peter Ring, PRC - Peter Ring Consultants, Denmark

The list was originally created by Mark L. Levinson, Israel. It has been merged with other information and was published in collaboration between Mark Levinson and Peter Ring.

Last revisions:
Interleaf is now Quicksilver. List address does not work (25 Feb. 2002)
TRDEV-L has suspended operations
(2 Jan. 2002)

New list: STC-Nordic (21Dec. 2001)
TECHSHORET update dinfo and TechshOT added (16 Jan. 2001)
XML-DOC added (8 Dec.2000)

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This page is an international list of mailing lists, etc. for technical writers. Unless otherwise noted, the language of the list is English.

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Profession and science related lists

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Profession and science relatedlists

General technical writing

Usability testing Technical illustration Electronic media documentation -hypertext Education Other

Company and/or product related lists:

Adobe: Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, FrameMaker and PageMaker


Corel: Corel Draw, WordPerfect, Ventura Interleaf/Quicksilver JASC Macromedia products Microsoft products Quark Express

Other companies

Health concerns:

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